Habits of Successful People, What do They do Different?

Habits of Successful People

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of dedication and a lifetime of positive habits. Successful people can have different levels of what success means depending on who you talk to. I think we all can agree that a successful person is someone who attains their professional goals, helps others, meets their personal goals, and makes good money.2017 successful people

The habits of successful people set themselves up to succeed by preparing all of the time. Successful people don’t rely on luck.

 8 Rituals of Successful People

Here is my list of what successful people do every day.

  1. They meditate – Reduces stress, improves concentration, increases self-awareness, and benefits cardiovascular and immune health
  2. They read – But successful people don’t just read. They are highly choosy about what successful peoplethey read, preferring to be educated over being entertained. They believe that books are a portal to learning and knowledge.
  3. They invest in themselves – Investing in yourself is crucial if you want to be successful. Whatever you do, enable yourself to grow by learning, acquiring new skills, and reshaping yourself as a person.
  4. They network –  Make it your priority to be open, friendly and honest, and to produce connections between people who may be able to help each other. Generosity is an successful peopleattractive quality and it’s something special that people will remember about you. Don’t make the mistake of discounting people. Serve your community and donate your time.
  5. They stay focused – Keeping your eye on the prize, is critical to success. Set your goals and stick to them.
  6. They don’t let failure stop them – Everyone has failed at some point in their lives, but successful people don’t let failure hinder them from moving forward
  7. They think long term – The truth is that there are no overnight success stories; there is only long-term planning and a lot of hard work! If you want success, you have to commit to it, and this involves planning for the next few years, not just the next few weeks.
  8. They make a schedule of “to-do’s” the night before.

Moral of the Story

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen by chance. You have to work hard to get to where you want to be. There isn’t one path to success, so choose your path and get on it!

Here’s another article with some more suggestions, from my friend TJ Books.

Good Habits Bring Good Results

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38 thoughts

  1. Hi Ed

    This is so great! ^^,

    No 1 & 2 – Covered if I read my Bible daily, meditating on the word of God definitely helps with stress and many other issues that stand in our way of progress. I guess the meditation part will be different for each individual but the main point is that it helps us find balance and puts us in the right state of mind to work with a positive attitude and to be productive.

    No 3 & 4 – Check 🙂

    No 5 – I struggle with, even though goals are set I battle to reach them or the work I do doesn’t yield the results I expected.

    No 6 – Have failed so many times I’m over it! 😀
    FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real
    Usually if we create doubt in our minds, we set ourselves up for failure.

    No 7 – Imagine the work you do for the next month only pays out in a year. Most people want to do a bit of work and get paid! Do a bit of work and get paid! Not work work work and not get paid.

    No 8 – Got 3 notepads on my desk and 1 on the fridge! 😀

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Kamil,

      It certainly sounds like you are a man with a plan! I get a lot of people that tell me the Bible is a good read, and daily prayer is their meditation. No. 7 is a struggle for me. I need money now, but I know it takes time and patience to succeed.
      I appreciate the feedback!



  2. Great post that definitely encompasses the habits of those who are successful. I think I have a few of these down. I hated to read previously but I have recently started to read books that educate me in the field I want to go into. I invest in myself. However, the others are a struggle. Especially networking. I am an introvert so it is hard for me to go and interact with people. I am reading How to Win Friends and Influence People in hopes that it will help me but do you have any suggestions on how I could just go out there?

    1. Hi, Lindsey!
      Reading is definitely a good way for self-improvement. How to Win Friends and Influence People,” is recommended by some top earners who do a lot of public speaking. I suggest you get out to networking events. Go to charity events and volunteer. Also, there is a group called Toastmasters International. https://www.toastmasters.org/
      See if they have a chapter in your area and check it out. Good luck!
      If you have any more questions or need anything, message me.

      Thank you,


  3. I am glad to say that I do all of your list. there may be a difference in degrees I do them, but I work on them all at some point during the week, some more than others. #1 is definitely my favorite though. I think my hardest may be investing in yourself if you mean monetarily. I do my best to learn (WA helps to do that greatly) and keep options open as much as possible. Being a spiritual person, I sometimes wonder if what is put in front of me(as a possible investment) is what I am supposed to do or not. Doing affiliate marketing there is always someone trying to sell YOU something…

    1. Brent,

      I wish you good luck, my friend. It sounds like you are on the right path. Keep your head up and never give up!



  4. Hey Edward,
    I’m good to go on 5, 6 and 7 – I’ll have to put in the time for the others. I agree with you completely, success doesn’t fall down from the sky (it would be very awesome if It did though) and you have to work hard, smart and be dedicated to your goals.
    Thanks for your motivation & have a great day,

  5. Yep, I completely agree there is not over night success and sure we need to dedicate ourself to achieve goal and also must have patience to achieve it. Sure, sometime in the middle due to failure people got frustrated, but we should not give up and keep on continue, then only we can achieve success. Thanks a lot for this motivational post.

    1. Deraj,

      You’re right, giving up is not an option! We can fall a thousand times, but as long as we get up a thousand and one times, we’re good!
      I’m glad to see your in it to win it!



  6. This really resonates with me – the fact that success isn’t all about ‘luck’ but can actually achieved through good habits and planning! Great stuff!

  7. Hello and thanks for sharing, these are some of the habits of successful people, the thing is that there is no secret to success it is all about follow a proven path and doing the same, it is like what each of us our doing here at wealthy affiliate. Following a proven path that works.

  8. These truly are good habits, it is good to cultivate habits like these until they become second nature where you don’t even have to think about what do do any more they just happens. This is great information. Thanks for sharing

  9. Great list and pleased to say I work on all of them although I have to say that focus is the one I have to work hardest at. It’s so easy to be distracted but then if you know this you simply manage the habit consistently.

    1. Mark,

      Focus is a hard one for me too! Especially, working from my computer. You get caught up in conversations, Facebook, and videos. The next thing you know I’ve wasted an hour of productivity. Identifying the problem helps.

      Thanks for the feedback,


  10. You are right, success doesn’t happen overnight. Foundations must be in place before a business can flourish and this does take time.
    You mention not letting failure stop them and this is what gets most people down as there are usually many barriers to knock down before a proven strategy is set in stone however listen to the ones who have made it.
    The successful ones always reiterate the same facts: All the mistakes one makes through climbing the hill are learnt from and without making these mistakes and learning from them, they certainly wouldn’t have got to the position they are in now.
    In other words, take the positives out of the mistakes,

    1. Simon,

      You are a wise man! You are definitely right. If we don’t learn anything from our mistakes we don’t become wiser, we stay a fool.And, just like building a house, if you don’t start with a sound foundation, it surely will crumble. Stay positive Simon!


  11. I love this article! I have to remind myself a lot that failure is a part of life and necessary to learn what doesn’t work and move forward. Another thing I sometimes struggle with is remembering that great things take time. Everyone wants to have a winning lottery type deal where their income skyrockets suddenly, but the most stable income will come through hard work over time.

    Can’t wait to read some more empowering posts by you 🙂

    1. Katie,

      The “lottery” mentality is one of the hardest to explain to people looking to make money online. All of these “gurus”, and con-artists telling people they can make money in their sleep doesn’t help.I appreciate the following!


  12. Hi Ed,
    I really enjoyed your post. I feel like a large portion of my generation (millennials) are so far out of touch with the concept of hard work. It’s all about instant gratification and overnight success and earning that next dollar. Quality is pushed out of the way for quantity.

    I really like #3 on your list. There is no better investment than your own self. You are the only one that can decide to change your life for the better, no one else can. Also #6 hits really close to home. I have known failure throughout my life but if I couldn’t learn from it and move forward I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    Society tries to tell us that the government or someone that is wealthy and has too much money will and can take care of us but all that does is break down the morals of society even further. I am so glad to hear you and people like you that have that great message of self worth and self accountability. Keep up the good work!

    1. Chris,

      I totally agree with you.I’ve failed many times. I can’t count how many times I’ve hit rock bottom. We can’t rely on our government to take care of us. We are worthy of great things, but we have to work for it. Thank you for commenting.


  13. Very nice site. My habits for success are very similar to yours. Being self motivated is sometimes difficult for me as I/m retired and I think I have all the time in the world. Much success in your new ventures, Deanna

    1. Deanna,

      Yeah, it’s sometimes hard to work from home because it takes self-motivation and sometimes I just want to chill and watch T.V.!I;m glad you like my site!


  14. Great information and I truly believe in your moral of the story. I tend to be one of those persistent people who does not give up. I think it’s a quality that will help me be a success!

  15. Terrific, Edward! It’s a great list. And I LOVE that you have meditation at the top. I recently wrote an article about meditation, inspired after reading “10% Happier” by Dan Harris and how he mentioned in the book that meditation has, “a towering PR problem.” It isn’t what I thought it was, and I only wish I’d begun the practice 30 years sooner.

    Everything else on your list resonates well also. Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes,


  16. I absolutely agree with everything in this post. I find that keeping an eye of the prize is the most difficult as failure sometimes has tendency to break our spirits and our confidence in ourselves.

    But it’s knowing that being knocked down means that you have to learn how to get back up and keep moving forward.

    Great post! Love it!

  17. Hi!
    Really great article. I like the tip with socializing. It is important and actually so easy in these internet times.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas with us.
    Best wishes

  18. This is a really good list. I don’t do all of these, but that just means I have room for improvement. Thanks for posting this.

  19. Hey Ed. I think that not letting failure stop you should be top of the list. Like that gentleman Andy pointed out in his comment, if you get all the others ones wrong you have only failed. It leaves plenty of room for growth if you keep learning and don’t let it get you down.

    Thanks for a great read and a valuable list. Geoff.

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