Online Job Search Scam Alert

Online Job Search Scam


Ok, these low life pieces of crap will do anything to anyone to make a dollar! So, you’re looking for a job because either you don’t have one, you hate the one you’re at, or you don’t make enough money and need 2 jobs. This probably means that you’re already in a bad place mentally, and possibly financial. What do you do? Well most of us go to our computer or cell phone and start our online job search.

Scumbag Scam – The Copycat


In a previous article, I mentioned some credible places to do an online job search. For those of you who missed it here’s the link. ( ). Well, there are some unscrupulous individuals out there, that use the legitimacy of a popular website to leverage their online job search scam. Those Bastards!

How an Online Job Search Scam Works – Copycat

The shady individuals in question, make sure to use a company with a reputable reputation or brand to gain the trust of unsuspecting victims. The crooks will use a technique called “cybersquatting.” These crooks will steal or alter the website domain name of a well-known company and launch a copycat website to defraud the online users.

How to Spot an Online Job Search Scam Site

online job search scam

PAY ATTENTION! Look at the website address. Crooks anticipate making money on your typing errors and lack of patience. Small modifications in the web address can take you to a possible copycat site. One missed letter can take to you a bogus website that looks similar to the one where you were supposed to go.

What can you do?

If there are pages that you use frequently, bookmark them. This will ensure the right website comes up. Also, do a Google search and go to the organic results. Ads will show up above the organic URLs. Check the credentials on the page and make sure there is contact information of the company.

online job search scam

If you think you are a victim of an online job search scam, notify the proper authorities immediately. Immediately contact your financial institution if you gave out payment information. Usually, banks and credit card companies will not make you pay if the scam is caught in time.

Folks, slow down and pay attention.

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14 thoughts

  1. Good post! There really are a lot of nasty people aren’t there. They have no scruples let alone any morals! I am grateful that I have some great safety features that alert me to anything suspicious. It is also because of these nasty people and the so called Guru’s that people have difficulty believing anyone anymore.

  2. Wow I haven’t had an idea that this is going on too!!!
    Thank you for letting us know about those Copycats. That’s pretty scary. But wait, I am not going to search for another online job since I have found the Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

    But anyways, thanks for this information. It’s very good to know.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I had heard about companies doing this for taxi services and airlines from Gimlet media Reply All, but thanks for the pro tips about Job scams I’ll keep an eye out. Love how short the article is it’s very easy to read.

    1. Hailey,

      Thanks for the feedback! Scammers are capable of a lot. Watch out shopping online too! They are great at copying the look and feel of the original. Oh and apps too!


  4. Excellent article, I know about being scammed and I’m still paying the price for it. “Price” being the operative word.

    I wish I read something like this before I went into the scam with my eyes all over the place.

    Thanks again,


  5. Wow! I hadn’t really thought about that – particularly the bit about small typing mistakes in a web address leading to a copy cat site. Will definitely take more care when typing now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Kind regards,


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