Three Guidelines to Managing Your Time When You Work at Home


The toughest thing for any of us to do is to be disciplined with our time. When you work from home, this task gets even more daunting. Here are three big tips to help you manage your work agenda when the home is also the office.
It’s All Relative
There are 24 hours in a day and that never changes, but the observation of the length of a day is vastly different from occasion to occasion. When we are absorbed in an activity, two hours can pass like 20 minutes. I know when I start researching on the web, a whole day could pass and I wouldn’t know it. Ever sent a text and wanted or needed a response immediately? No matter who it is or how long it actually takes it feels like about three days. On the flip side, you can be at a monotonous job that you hate, and an after the second hour you’re checking the clock because it seems like an eternity has passed. Because of the relativity, it can be hard to measure how much time you are truly spending on an activity.
Set achievable goals. When there is a house full of little ones at home and a home to run, time isn’t kidsgoing to run as efficiently as it might have if you sitting in a private office in an office building. Certain allowances need to be made to achieve the stability you need and business success you desire. You have to find a balance to schedule family time, work, and some quality “me” time.

Three Guidelines for Managing Your Time When You Work at Home

Remember that all households are different. What works best you and your family might be catastrophic for another. With that in mind, these tips are valuable but also general to fit into any dynamic.

1. Have a plan – Spend the last 30 minutes of each work day scheduling for the next one. If you plan to work five hours a day at your profession, decide on the most important tasks that need to be completed and concentrate on those. I make a to-do list and then label each item with a, b, or c. A taking highest priority. Recognize that there will be disruptions so work around them accordingly. When you set goals, you are better able to track progress.

2. Schedule frivolous tasks – I’m talking about time-wasters. Some activities are necessary but thenmanaging your time turn into sinkholes – checking emails, updating social media pages and handling administrative tasks. Assign time throughout the day for each. Any emails that come in after that will have to wait for the next scheduled time.

3. Keep established hours – This doesn’t mean that business is open from 9 to 5. If the goal is five hours of work a day when the time is up, hang it up. Let’s be honest, though. We don’t live in an ideal world. There will be distractions. The kids will get sick, the dog got loose, or whatever the case may be. Just try to set a goal and stick with it.

Remember what is important, prioritize (a, b, c), and stick to your plan.managing your time
My main A, B, C’s
a. God
b. Family
c. Work

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  1. How are you Ed. You have done a great job with your post here. After reading it I would love to become your best friend. It is articulate and informative. It is always difficult to structure your time when working at home. But I think I have found a great balance.

  2. I was looking for something like this Ed. December/ January period is very distractive for freelancers because of the beautiful holiday season. I am still getting back on a track. Trying to catch everything I have missed.

    I like your ways to keep the plan rolling.
    Thanks for sharing.


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